The problem with reincarnation in novels – a critique on the fundamentals of a plot device

While the title might be seem provocative, I’m really not out to take anyone on, or belittle the works of genres I very much enjoy myself. I do, however, a have a teeny, tiny quibble that I keep thinking on whenever I stumble upon an interesting story with a reincarnation-device employed.

So, I’ll be discussing two types of reincarnation mechanics, either as a character being reborn, or a character returning to an earlier version of themselves.

To be honest, I’m probably going to later discuss the issues between these kinds of stories as well, but for now let’s stick to reincarnation, shall we?

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Lost childhood glamour – Review of “Epic”


“Epic” was my first foray into the LitRPG genre as a child, although I doubt the term applied back then, and I remember the story very fondly. I recently took the opportunity to reacquaint myself with “Epic” through the audiobook, and have thus compiled this little review for my own amusement – as well as, hopefully, yours.

Summary – no spoilers

Epic is the story of Eric and his friends from the Hope-district, living in a world where all violence has been denounced ever since the colony was founded by human pacifists leaving a war-torn Earth behind. Instead of violence, this society relies on the RPG known as “Epic,” which is also their monetary system and the ruler by which talent and societal class is measured.

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Changing My Hobby Into a Business – The Start of a Journey

I’ve been writing stories for a long time, but have only recently begun publishing said stories, and I’m beginning to grow confident enough to think there might actually be value in what I write.

As such, this is my first post towards changing my hobby into a business, as crass and pedestrian as that sounds. Indeed, that was – and is – my chief concern in embarking upon this journey; how could I possibly have the arrogance to assume my work is worth anything to anyone?

Well, maybe I should start from the beginning.

Hi, I’m Winterwisp, someone who likes writing, and fashions himself an author. Since October of last year, I have written and published the story Divine Construct on Royal Road, a project – I’m proud to say – went as far as to become the unofficial winner of the 2019 Royal Road writeathon competition.

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