An Admission of Failure

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I write this, not for the, presumably, few people who might read this when it is released, but rather for posterity, and myself. Running into a wall with my writing made me give up and hide away. Coming back was hard, but I decided I did not want to feel like a failure. The only way to live with failure, I believe, is to admit its existence and move beyond it. This is by no means a revolutionary thought, nor does it indicate any kind of personal character. It just is what it is.

So, let me admit that I failed. My project fell onto the ground and I was unable to pick it up. Instead, I distracted myself with something different, and aimed to complete a portion of that before returning. The result are the 46 chapters of Rattus Rex, a story about disease and pestilence — not the best topic in these difficult times. I don’t intend to promote it much, but will be releasing it on a few novel-sites, just to see how it does.

While I let that story stew, I have started a worldbuilding project which I think will let me avoid the problems that ultimately led me head-first into disaster in my Divine Construct series. See, I wrote my worldbuilding in notes, but never fully spelled out what I wanted, the mechanisms I needed for it to work, and thus logical problems kept popping up. This time, I intend to flesh out the underlying mechanics before I throw myself fully into the writing.

I will be releasing articles from my worldbuilding from time to time, and see how it goes.

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