Worldbuilding Leylan: A Beginning

This is the first publishing of my small-time project, the worlbuilding of Leylan. You can read about the world here, where you will also find a link to its site. For now, only the basic skeletal structure has been put up, but I intend to flesh it out slowly over time, and release some of the articles here for anyone interested in this kind of stuff. Using worldanvil has allowed me to think of worldbuilding in an entirely different way than before, and I hope it’ll help me be more consistent in my writing.

As a first taste, let me start out with a short article about one of the major countries, that of Freeheed, which is predicated on the idea of ultimate freedom (the name is rather descriptive, yes). Let me know if it seems at all believable, or if its missing something important.


Land of the Free

Freeheed is a collection of realms, all dedicated to running their domains like a business. From the capitol of Demoran, controlled by the board of directors and the Chairman, to the smallest sub-realm, everyone seeks to make as much profit as possible. Their tenacious philosophy has brought upon a land of incredible riches, matched only by the wealth of the Free Cities, as Freeheed lies snugly between the Zarakinan Desert, Firevale, and close to the important trade hub of the Free Cities. Ostensibly a land of free men, Freeheed does not have explicit slavery, but proclaims to offer oppertunity to any and all with the grit and will to come out on top. In reality, however, much of the land is controlled by an oligarchic and mercantile elite, while the rest of the population must work endless ours in near-starving conditions to make ends meet.


After the Second Republic broke down, when the nethereal corruption in the capitol of Haven suddenly in a devastating earthquake, the civil government fled the city to the North, where an attempt at regaining order was made at the location that would late be known as Harlon’s gate. However, the rift between the military leaders, who wanted to charge back into the city and save as many as possible, and the civil servants who aimed at preserving what was left, caused a schism in the already tentative relationship between the two. Ultimately, the military leaders overruled the civil leaders; an act which the latter interpreted as a military coup. Along with what remained of their bearocratic machine, the civil government fled to the developing lands the East and founded the city of Demoran at the waters of Lake Limen. Seeing the need for immediate action, and attempting to do away with much of the red tape that had hampered the Second Republic, the civil servants formed an intermittent Senate, led by a dictator, whose job in was to order the budding realm. This, however, backfired three years later when the dictator’s term was up. Refusing to give up power, the dictator instead dismissed the senate and instated the ‘Free Hegemonic Domain’, which was ostinsibly a trading company. Taking the title of ‘Chairman’ the dictator began taking control of every aspect of the newborn state as if it was a company 

Friction with Lioness

Ever since the fall of the Second Republic, Freeheed and Lioness have had a strained relationship, often resulting in large conflicts. Over many years of strife, the borderlands between the two nations have become so tainted with Nether, that the practice of physical battle had to be abandoned. This began the age of summoning warfare, in which battles would be decided between a few key summoners, rather than by the blood of men. Due to the rules not always being observed, and many a sore loser among the ranks of commanders on both sides, armies are still drafted into battle, whenever they occur, but these, too, are at a smaller scale. The battles will usually begin with a duel between summoners, after which the losing side will either accept their loss and withdraw to a Keystone further back, or contest the result with true combat. This practice is also the origin of the Warpriest school of the Order of the River , who would join combat to gather up the dead and make sure they got a chance to return to The Fate of Death .

So yeah, a lot of that might be confusing taken out of context. I have not fully explained the mechanisms I’m using yet, but you can get an idea by checking out the worldbuilding meta, if you want to know more.

Thank you for reading all of this. It might not be anything ingenuitive, but it’s my little creation, so I’m rather looking forward to how it goes.

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