About the author


I am Wisterwisp, which is an assumed title. Here is a tacky poem to explain why.

I am the memory of a wisp in winter
In drifting snow I blindly roam
My light flicker in blizzards like tinder 
Luring lost thoughts without a home

I write about stuff that interests me, and claim my speciality as worlbuilding, rather than storytelling. I like to write stories within these worlds of mine, but I try to make said stories a product of the world, rather than create worlds that suit my story.

This also means that I have a rather severe case of a god complex, and I am unapologetically arrogant enough to assume my stories are entertaining enough for a wider audience.

If you like my work, and would like to support me, you can do so by spreading my stories around on various social media, engage in commentary on my pages, or send me feedback and suggestions via the whisper page.

There is also the possibility of supporting me monetarily, if you have derived some value from reading my work. However, I currently have no perks prepared for my supporters, and would like to avoid any kind of pay-wall. Thus, I cannot provide any extra service to any contriubters, as of yet. Keep that in mind, but feel free to check out my support page.