The world that will not die

Leylan is a world of order born out of chaos, and refuses to return to the Void around it. Therefore, it refuses change as much as possible, ensuring a near-immortal life for its denizens through a substance known as ether.

For a while all was well and good, until humans came and ruined everything. Crashing down from the sky, the death of thousands caused the ether to corrupt into nether, beginning an age of darkness.

Welcome to project Leylan, an ambitious worldbuilding initiative, aimed at building the foundation for an epic story. Because I enjoy worldbuilding, I have decided to share the process with anyone who’s interested, meaning you can peruse Leylan’s features as I grow it.

The aim of this worldbuilding is not to go inte excruxiating detail, but to create a framework for a story I have been wanting to write for some time, which means I will be going back and forth between writing the story and filling out the world as I go. For now, the basic skeleton of the world is finished, with a timeline and some of the more important organizations outlined.

I use https://www.worldanvil.com/, which is a worldbuilding website, making it a lot easier for me to create articles and link them together, than it would be doing it myself. You can find the world of Leylan here. You can also find a lot of other great worlds, full of inspiring details.

Regularly, I will post articles from my worldbuilding as a blod, so you don’t have to go to this wiki to get the details, but do check it out if you’re interested.