I have confidence in my technical skill in English, and find it enjoyable to proofread for others. I offer my services for free, both in-depth commentary and suggestion, or just a rundown of any errors or improvments I can spot, up to a certain threshold.

I list these thresholds, and subsequent fees down below.

Whether you want me to look at a few chapters or an entire story, let me know by filling out the form at the bottom, and I will get back to you.

The rundown

If you just want someone to chek for errors or slight mistakes in your text, without any superfluous comments, this is what I can offer: I will do 10 chapters, or up to 15.000 words, for free, depending on which bar is higher. After this, I require 3EUR per 1000 words.

Technical Support

This is relevant for you who are less confident in your written English. I can go through your work sentence by sentence and help you with grammar and the fluency of your text, explaining the rules and give suggestions for improvement.

I will do 5 chapters, or up to 10.000 words, for free, depending on which bar is higher. After this, I require 5EUR per 1000 words.

Deep Dive

This is for those who are confident in their technical skill, but who want a second opinion on how the story-structure, characters etc., hold up, or may be improved. In this case, I have no lower limit, but will discuss the extent I will work for free with you personally, depending on need.

No matter whether I get paid or not, I will at a minimum write a review of your work, in whatever forum you request.

Request Proofread

Fill out the form below if you want to request a proofread. Please provide a link to what I will be proofreading, and remember to make clear what kind of proofread you would like. I will contact you for confirmation before I begin.