Here is a collection of smaller stories I have written over the years. Most of them are unfinished and unpolished, barely worth the time it takes to read them, however, I think some of the concepts are interesting. If there’s anything that strikes a fancy, let me know; I might just take it up for real.

The Battle of Faxen

The army of the dead has arrived, after tearing through the countryside of the kingdom of Titus. Siegfried the Faithless has been dispatched to secure victory against the oncoming enemy, and to punish those who failed to prepare in time.

This story is an antology to a story I have been working on for years; or rather, a world I have been building for years. Though I have worked long on the mechanics of the world and the story arc I want to tell, I do not think my skills are currently adequate to write that story yet.

Thus, I have only this little tid-bit, and it is not even finished… ah the incompetence…

I Have Left The Heavens

Ji Hong is expelled from the Ji clan after killing a fellow clan-member in order to hide his sisters fortune. Along with his expulsion, his cultivation is also taken from him and he is left as a mortal creature in a world where mortals are like ants on the ground.

I wrote this several years ago, as a tester for a fanfiction competition. I did not have the confidence to go through with it, so I left it as is. It is based on the world of “I shall seal the heavens,” however, it may be woefully out of sync with established lore.

I think it is pretty interesting though, so I may finish it at some point.