Worldbuilding Leylan: Ether

Welcome to project Leylan; an ambitious worldbuilding concept in the making. Currently, only the basics have been fleshed out, but the aim is to fully enliven the world with a deep and rich history and feel. You can look up the world and its current progress here, powered by Worldanvil.

Rather than throwing out another nation, as I did yesterday, I thought I’d share some of the foundational principles about the world of Leylan. It is important to understand that Leylan is alive, it is a conscious being the size of a planet. Born out of random fluctuations in the void, Leylan is fundamentally terrified of being reclaimed by the void around it (look up the Boltzmann brain if this is nonsense to you. It might remain so afterwards, but just go with it). This article on ether explains how Leylan uses this… ‘stuff’… to keep the void at bay, while not having to be completely isolated. It also touches upon how ether becomes corrupted, and, briefly, how humans train themselves to use it. There are mentions in this article that will make no sense whatsoever without context, you can gleam the gist. Take a look if you’re interested.

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