Worldbuilding Leylan: A Beginning

This is the first publishing of my small-time project, the worlbuilding of Leylan. You can read about the world here, where you will also find a link to its site. For now, only the basic skeletal structure has been put up, but I intend to flesh it out slowly over time, and release some of the articles here for anyone interested in this kind of stuff. Using worldanvil has allowed me to think of worldbuilding in an entirely different way than before, and I hope it’ll help me be more consistent in my writing.

As a first taste, let me start out with a short article about one of the major countries, that of Freeheed, which is predicated on the idea of ultimate freedom (the name is rather descriptive, yes). Let me know if it seems at all believable, or if its missing something important.

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